Ray's Donuts and Coffee

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Ray's Deals

 Yum! Yum!  Getcha Sum!
Dozen Glaze (regular or chocolate) $10.99 dozen
Dozen Rings (anything with a hole) $11.99 dozen
Managers Special (6 rings 6 specialties) $16.99
Bar/Glaze Special (6 glaze and 6 chocolate bars) $15.50


We offer loyalty cards for the following;
Singles- Purchase donuts on 5 occasions and on your 6th visit you receive a free ring donut!!!!
Dozens- Purchase 11 dozen donuts and get your 12th dozen rings free!!!!
Coffee-Purchase a coffee beverage on 5 occasions and on the 6th visit you receive a free small coffee!!!!

Get double stamps on your loyalty cards every Monday and Tuesday!

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